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City Of Highland Park

Department of Public Works

Division of Public Services



Let's Improve Our Quality of Life:

 Keep Highland Park Clean!


Keeping Highland Park clean improves the quality of life for all of us!  Did you know that a litter free environment helps deter crime?  A clean environment shows that we care about our community and are proud of it.


Let's work together.  If you see litter, pick it up and properly dispose of it.  Please report illegal dumping to the City; reducing illegal dumping frees municipal dollars for other needed services.


Call Public Services at 313-252-0050, Extension 204, to report dumping that has occurred or call Public Safety Dispatch at 313-252-5000 if suspected illegal dumping is in progress.


Together let's make Highland Park shine!  The Department of Public Works, Division of Public Services coordinates garbage pick up.  Our contractor, Waste Management, picks up your garbage-trash and bulk waste (furniture, appliances, etc.) on a regular cycle, as well as yard waste twice a month from spring to fall.


Set out your garbage and bulk items only on your regular trash collection day.  Separate out your trash and bulk items, and keep them separate and neatly stacked at the curbside.  Note that you must take some items - construction materials, tires, paints, batteries - directly to a licensed disposal facility.  Never put these items out for pick up.


Yard waste is picked up on a separate schedule!  When, where, and how you set out your garbage, bulk items, and yard waste determines whether or not Waste Management picks it up on its weekly route.  See the other side of this sheet for more tips on what to set out and how to set it out.   If you have waste pick up problems, call us at the Division of Public Services, 313 -252-0050, Extension 204, and file a report with the Water Clerk.  If she canít answer your question, our Street Superintendent will call you or investigate.


We applaud the vast majority of our residents for following the rules.  The few who do not may be ticketed and fined!




Bulk Waste


When do I dispose of Furniture, Appliances, Tools, etc.?   Put your Bulk Waste - furniture, appliances, etc - out for collection on your regular weekly trash pickup date by 7:00 a.m.   There is no separate day for bulk pick up in Highland Park. 


Where should I put my bulk waste?  Put your bulk waste out at the curbside, next to, but separated from your regular trash.   Do NOT place any bulk waste in the alley.   It is a violation of Highland Park City Ordinance to dump anything in the alley, and there is no trash or bulk pick up of waste from any alley in the City.


How should I put items out in my bulk waste?  Furniture: Do not break up your furniture, or it will not be picked up.  Furniture must be in one piece.  Do not put waste (trash, bags, rubbish) on top of the furniture.  Your furniture with waste on it will not be picked up.  Refrigerators: Refrigerators must have their freon tanks removed by a licensed contractor (find one in the Yellow Pages) and tagged as such.  Fridge doors must be removed.


What items cannot be picked up with my bulk waste?  Tires?  NO!   Dispose of tires properly at a licensed tire disposal facility.  Construction Materials?   NO!  Construction materials (for example, cabinets, doors, roofing materials, porches, dry wall, etc.) must be disposed of at a licensed land fill.  Batteries or Paint?  No!  Batteries and paint must be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.




Where should I put my regular trash? Put your trash in front of your home, separated from your bulk items.  Keep Highland Park clean.  Do NOT put trash or bulk items at abandoned houses or vacant lots - trash will not be picked up from these locations.  Violators will be ticketed.


What should I put in my trash?  Residential garbage and most bulk items, but not construction materials, tires, or yard waste.  Keep trash at 50 lbs or less. Heavier items will not be picked up.


How should I put out items in my trash?  Put trash into plastic bags or in 30-32 gallon containers.  Trash put in cardboard boxes is not picked up.  Carpet must be rolled, tied, and easily lifted by one person.  Tie loose debris in bundles that are easily be lifted by one person.




Where should I put my yard waste?  Separate yard waste (grass clipping, leaves, branches, plants, etc) from your trash and bulk items, and place it at your curb on the designated pick up day.  Do not put yard waste at abandoned houses or vacant lots.  It will not be picked up and you could be ticketed!


When should I put out my yard waste?  Yard waste is picked up on the second and fourth Monday of the month, from May through October only.  Place it at the curb by 7:00 a.m.  on these days.


How should I put my yard waste out?  Put yard waste only in paper yard waste bags or in 30-32 gallon containers marked with a "Yard Waste" sticker.  Do not place yard waste in plastic bags or cardboard boxes.  It will not be picked up!  Cut branches and tree limbs in 4 foot lengths and tie in bundles.


What should I put in my yard waste?  Do not mix yard waste with trash or bulk items. Yard waste bags or containers cannot weigh more than 50 lbs.  

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