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Pictures of the Month, 2005

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04/16/05  - It took Jeff Sturges, a Cranbrook architect student and his enterprising friends, to highlight what should have been obvious. Its photograph to be found in history textbooks around the World, our Henry Ford Administrative Building, a foci of the fledgling auto industry languishes in state sponsored disrepair and neglect. Click image for more pictures.

Photos compliments of Lowell Boileau,


04/16/05 - Jeff Sturges stands before his illuminated masterpiece, the Ford Admin building, HP

04/16/05 - Free BBQ for all comers

04/16/05 - A family enjoys the beautiful day in front of the Ford Admin building

04/16/05 - Kids are encouraged to play on a Ford Admin building concept piece.

Jerry King from Soulful Deli & Grill spontaneously contributes free BBQ to the event


April - Spring on Farrand Park


Highland Park Administrator
Who would trust to run Highland Park?

Arthur Blackwell II
Ramona Henderson Pearson


Seasonal lights on Farrand Park

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