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My name is Stephen Goodfellow, and I live on Farrand Park. You contact me if you click the "Moderators" button: 
- My email is

For now, I am the chief moderator, although I will - issue administrative controls to block club captains so they can run the individual forums, thus decentralizing the system and allowing for diverse opinions. 
Being mindful of the often tempestuous local politics, I have created some posting rules. No political canvassing for individual candidates in block club discussions. I have created a separate discussion for this explosive topic, so resentment does not wash over the block club discussions, thereby rendering them impotent. 

What qualifies me to be chief Highland Park block club online moderator? 
I certainly was not elected to the position, and I would seriously consider handing it over to another responsible individual, if such a thing were desired. 
For now however, I can state the following: I am a 28 year resident of Highland Park. Being a British citizen, I cannot involve myself in local city politics. Consequently, I have no axe to grind and can hopefully remain objective when it comes to the running of the site. Of course I have my own opinions, but I will only post as any other individual may, while maintaining this site. One of my beliefs is that if the HP block clubs can meld, they'd be a mighty force for securing Highland Park a bright future.

Professionally, I am an artist and teach at digital imaging and web design at CCS. On the side I run a server: on which - for the most part - I give my students free web presence, which they can continue as an account after they leave my class. This is the server that hosts You can learn possibly more than you want to about me here:

As long as the site is on my server, intend to run free of charge, with no advertising. Please let me know if I can give you more information, and eagerly look forward to hearing from you


Stephen Goodfellow


Also, thought I'd  mention that I also run the discussion group, "Tribes of the Corridor":

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