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Highland Park Farmer Jack - Shopping cart barriers

Farmer Jack erects shopping cart barriers

To stop shopping carts from being stolen, Highland Park's Farmer Jack has erected barriers. Consequently,  customers can no longer roll their shopping out to their cars.
Although the continual loss of carts must be a dent in profits, is it significant when compared to the volume of business that will now shop elsewhere?
Highland Park is located on the hub of the Lodge, I-75 and Davison freeways. Customers with transportation, money and time might not put up with the inconvenience and merely shop in the suburbs where the supermarkets offer easier access to personal transportation.
For HP's Farmer Jack the danger is that the store may  become by increments a shopping location for people with little choice than to shop at their store.
Typically, this would be customers without transportation.
Finally, it makes the focus of the Highland Park commercial center look like a ghetto. This development is a lose-lose situation.
You can contact Farmer Jack Customer Relations Department at
Toll-Free: 1-877-FAR-JACK, (8am to 5pm)
- Or email them at this location:

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