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Southeast Heights meeting update

Here is a brief update.
Agenda as follows:
1.        Prayer
2.        Call To Order
3.        Roll Call
4.        Speaker-Don Cox of the local Sheriff's Department
5.        Discussion of Questionnaire
6.        Discussion of Fundraising
7.        Citizen Participation
8.        Q&A

We had a good turn out unfortunately, there was a water meeting scheduled
during the same time period. Overall I would estimate about 20-25 people
were present. We established a fund raising committee with Mr. Irving as the
chair. We discussed the purpose of the questionnaire which was to determine
the needs of the community and plan projects accordingly.
Mr. Irving was tasked to write a letter representing Southeast Heights, it
will be regarding the lack of upkeep to the City Hall/Municipal building on
Don Cox would like to attend the next meeting and bring with him the
prosecutor to explain how abandoned homes are seized.
Everyone was challenge to spread the word about Southeast Heights and bring
another person with them to the next meeting.

Mr. Wheeler informed us that Highland Park has a lot of one way signs in
storage because they could not afford to put them up. I thought this would
be a great community activity to pursue but we need to investigate the
liability if someone is injured.


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