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If you haven’t paid your property taxes for 2002 or earlier, you could lose your home in March, 2005!


The Wayne County Treasurer’s Office recently sent out notices of FORECLOSURE for properties delinquent on their 2002 or earlier property taxes.  The back taxes on these properties must be paid by the end of February, 2005 to prevent the owner from losing his or her home.


Payment should be made at the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office (400 Monroe, 5th floor, Detroit, MI- the “International Building” in Greektown) and must be made by certified check payable to the Wayne County Treasurer.


To determine if back taxes are owed, you can call the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office at 313-224-5990 or visit their website at


If you can’t pay the back taxes and you meet certain poverty eligibility guidelines, you may be eligible for a “hardship extension” if the taxes are owed on the property you are living in.


For assistance in determining your eligibility for a hardship extension or otherwise dealing with a foreclosure notice, contact United Community Housing Coalition/ Michigan Legal Services at 313-963-3310 or 313-964-4130 and tell them you need help with a tax foreclosure notice.


You must pay the taxes or obtain an extension by the end of February, 2005.



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