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By Albert Bowman

The United Block Clubs of Highland Park (UBCHP) has successfully given birth to a brand new organization “The Highland Park Phoenix Society” (HPPS)!
Members of the society will as a team, learn how to write grants, learn how to manage those grants and eventually obtain their own 501.C3.
Until they can manage this, HPPS may partner with other reputable agencies, churches, etc. who will manage the financial and insurance aspects of their ventures. The learning process is rather long however, eventually The Phoenix Society will be able to provide funding for some of the city’s necessary programs.
Albert Bowman and Loretta Young were elected Co-Chair. Cindy Dilena was elected secretary. Some HPPS members also are members of UBCHP however The Phoenix Society is a completely autonomous society. Other dedicated members are Shirley Davis, Kimberly Lewis, Vi N’Dinga, Paula Madison, Emma Fogle, Michelle Mims, Gloria Reynolds, Jane Robinson, Jerome Drain and Margaret Lewis. Membership is now closed. Once the original members have complete training and have written successful grants, some will take turns training other interested citizens throughout the city.

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