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It stays! Battle for Woodward 8Mile Bridge - over!

Dear Governor Jennifer Granholm:

This letter has been sent on behalf of the South End Homeowners Association of Ferndale, Michigan to express our deepest appreciation for your July 12th, 2005 decision to rehabilitate the 8 Mile Bridge and we look forward to participating in the upcoming public design meetings.  We realize that this decision must have been difficult as both sides of the debate were passionate about their opinions and beliefs.  In the end, we wholeheartedly agree with your decision and look forward to progressing with the design phase.


Bethany Holland and Gregory Gerhartz

South End Homeowners Association

Ferndale City Manager Tom Barwin said he and elected officials considered the decision a major setback for mass transit and new development on Woodward. He called homeowners who wanted the bridge "just a vocal minority."

FERNDALE -- After years of asking to replace the Woodward Avenue bridge over Eight Mile with a pedestrian-friendly intersection, City Manager Tom Barwin said he now believes his efforts, along with those of local residents and leaders, were futile.

"Instead of appreciating some smart thinking, we kind of got punked," said Barwin, who led the charge for a street-level intersection that he said could spur economic development in the area. "I don't know what else we needed to do."

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